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Women's fitness classes are held at the KelliFit gym in Millville.
5378 Route 49
Millville, NJ 08332

Personal training sessions may be held at the KelliFit gym by appointment.

Contact Kelli to schedule your personal training sessions.

About the KelliFit gym

The KelliFit gym is located behind a private residence in a 1200 square foot building. Some larger gyms are used by so many people that they become breeding grounds for dirt and disease. Since KelliFit is privately owned and used less frequently, it is kept neat and clean. The gym is mostly open space with rubber flooring but it does contain a treadmill, a recumbant bicycle, a weight bench and a top-of-the-line Concept 2 rowing machine in addition to other fitness equipment and aids to ensure you get a full body workout. When you have your personal training sessions with Kelli, you won't have to share the gym with other people. Your private sessions really are private. This enables Kelli to focus on you and ensures you won't have to wait for equipment to become available. At the end of every session, the gym is cleaned and the equipment is wiped down so it's sanitary for the next client.

To contact Kelli, send email to: or find her on FACEBOOK.
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